Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon shisha pipes are one of the most famous hookah manufacturers in the World. Their shisha hookah pipes are hand made in Cairio, Egypt. Due to the manual labour involved to make these pipes, no one pipe is the same with slight blemishes/irregularities from the stem at joints from the weldering to the vases which are hand painted. The stems are made from quality materials and weigh much heavier than cheap chinese made pipes, as such they are more durable and the pipe will last longer from use. They also produce a good amount of smoke, especially with a wide gauge hose. It can be hard to find where to buy khalil mamoon pipes in the UK. They produce new range of pipes each year. The latest craze are KMs that have been oxidized or quad metals stems where several types of finishing is applied to the pipes. Some other popular km pipes are the kamanja, lion heart, pearl  (or pear), tri metal and ice trophy stems. In France there is a limited amount of KM chicha pipes for sale.